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Our SharePoint Solutions

Experts of SharePoint Development


We provide IT support for the continuous everyday business process functioning for our clients with Microsoft SharePoint technology. We have crafted solutions for the most frequent business problems, covering topics from project management to document management and process measurement. For unique needs we create customized solutions. SharePoint design and implementation is supported by our coaching service and training. If you already use SharePoint, our highly experienced staff can help you improve the efficiency of your implementation.




Using our extensive experience in configuring workflows to automate business processes, HyperTeam saves customers TIME AND MONEY! We do this by designing, developing, and implementing customizable Enterprise Cloud Applications that are crafted specifically to solve the most critical problems facing businesses today. We specialize in improving business performance in areas such as Project Management, HR Management, and Quality Management. Does your business need help solving issues in other areas? Not a problem! HyperTeam also offers custom-built solutions to fit your company’s unique business needs.


HyperTeam SharePoint Solutions benefits include:

  • Eliminate paper based administration

  • Mitigate risk of missed information/documentation

  • Speed up process/collaboration between departments or business partners

  • Documented process for all parties

  • Documentum (word, xls, ppt, etc.) versioning

  • Measurable process (timestamp on every process step) easy to build management cockpit for the board

  • Easy searching

  • Strong user permission



HyperTeam IT Developer Team with specific expertise in:

  • Microsoft SharePoint development

  • .net development



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Intranet Portal Solution




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Employee Leave Management System




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Meeting Manager




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