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Oracle license audit

Our Software License Assessment service consists of the following steps:

1.       Development of the software license inventory

a.      Review of reports from software vendors
b.      Collecting and reviewing any software license certificate in hard copy

c.      Collecting software license information from other electronic sources of the customer (emails, statements of tangible assets etc.) 


2.       Data collection regarding the actual use of licensed software  

a.      Automatic report using tools created and/or accepted by the vendors (System Center Configuration Manager, Microsoft Asset Management Toolkit, AIDA64 etc.)
b.      Manual data collection using tools created and/or accepted by the vendors (this requires manual work on each related machine)
c.      Manual data collection using predefined Excel worksheets supplied by HyperTeam


3.       License gap analysis

a.      Based on the collected data and
b.      The knowledge of a license management expert

4.       Improvement suggestions

a.       A report of suggested actions to be taken in order to reduce the possible gap in software licensing

i.      Suggestion of changes in hardware infrastructure (e.g. virtualization)

ii.      Suggestion of changes in product edition being used (e.g. Standard instead of Professional Plus)

iii.      Suggestion of changes in licensing program chosen (e.g. subscription-based instead of perpetual licenses)


5.       Follow-up consulting

a.       Document and enforce software license management and improve the software license procurement business process
b.      Support software license management by a custom workflow and inventory system


Steps 1 - 2 can be done using the human and technical resources of the customer under the supervision of HyperTeam.


Steps 3 - 5 requires a HyperTeam licensing expert.

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