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Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture Modeling

Clients use HyperTeam EA/BA experts' knowledge to model​
  • Business Organization Transformations

  • New product marketing and support processes

  • Large scale IT Architecture Transformations

  • Software Application Portfolio deployments


Modeling benefits include:

  • Viewing business arcitecture and systems from multiple perspectives

  • Improving system understanding through visual analysis

  • Discovering errors earlier and reducing system defects

  • Improving impact analysis or estimating modifications to implement a change

  • Simulating system solutions without code generation


Our consultants software tasks, for example:

  • Defining modeling conventions

  • Scripting database reports

  • Modeling website customization

  • Administration of your modeling databases

  • Converting Visio diagrams to repository based Modeling Tool diagrams




Gartner Top Industries Predicts 2014:
The Pressure for Fundamental Transformation Continues to Accelerate


Most industries face accelerating pressure for fundamental transformation, including embracing digitalization to survive and stay competitive. Enterprises must respond immediately to build the right business and IT road map for future market demands.


Key Findings

  • The pressures of consumerization continue to disrupt many enterprises, forcing them to change their traditional business processes and operational models. The need to focus on personalization and improved customer service are themes that cross many industries.

  • The need to adopt digital business models transcends all industry verticals, and its diverse impacts are creating business opportunities that were not possible in the past.

  • Enhanced information use, including big data, is key to enhancing business performance in many industries.


    Improve your company’s success with streamlined processes!


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