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HyperTeam is a dynamically growing Management and IT Consultant company.


HyperTeam's goal is to help our client organizations transition their strategic concepts into reality.


Our staff has more than 15 years of experience in SAP and ARIS projects and more than 7 years of experience in SharePoint and MEGA projects.


In the tradition of old world European Craftsmanship, the highly experienced HyperTeam staff take a business-centric approach to delivering high quality professional services.


As a measure of the HyperTeam commitment to quality, we employ best practice process models and DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified methods.


We deliver a repository of reusable business models, enabling client organizations to visualize their current and future states, prior to implementing a strategy and thereby avoiding a costly trial and error process.

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Our mission is to help our customers achieve excellence in their industries!

    About HyperTeam


The HyperTeam SharePoint Ecosystem is Helping SMEs Gain a Competitive Advantage without Breaking the Bank

So you’re an SME and you have needs, needs that just aren’t being met...

One of those biggest needs is technology. You really need software solutions that will boost your efficiency, increase your sales, and simply MAKE LIFE EASIER. But your options are limited and you often struggle to find financing, right?


A fun and entertaining way to learn more about cloud, SharePoint, and business automation in 1 minute or less. 

Do you have questions you’d like answered by HyperTeam’s experts? Leave them below and we’ll create a vlog just for you! Join us at for a new vlog post every week!


Successful event about "SharePoint On-Premises Vs. Cloud"


Last week, HyperTeam had the pleasure of sponsoring the “SharePoint On-Premises vs. Cloud Version” event with the Southwest Florida Regional Technology Partnership (SWFRTP).


Watch this! Food for thought - video about IT Transformation in the Digital Age 



Have you ever thought that IT departments often focus on maintaing legacy systems and PREVENTING SYSTEM BREAKDOWNS instead of focusing on putting their efforts on NEW PROJECTS and innovation?


Would you like to know what are they facing for? 


Whatch the video!

SharePoint 2013 Power Users Training - Join us!

HyperTeam USA currently is offering a special training program for individual contributors or departmental staff. The users would typically fall into these job roles: Content managers, site owners, site administrators, project managers, administrative assistants, functional or operations managers, business users with basic SharePoint skills.


This course provides comprehensive SharePoint training that will present students with a ground-up understanding for how to use, build and manage sites in a SharePoint Server 2013 environment.

Improving Business Performance by Andrew Spanyi

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” ― Charles Darwin


The pressure on management to improve business performance is greater than ever. Increasing competition, escalating customer power, and rapid advances in technology have combined to demand a new and more adaptive approach to managing the business.

05/12-14/2014 - Amsterdam, Nederland

The Open Group Amsterdam Summit




03/25-26/2014 - Reston, VA

We visited at Business Architecture Innovation Summit





We visited at The Open Group Philadelphia 2013 Conference

"EA & Enterprise Transformation in Finance, Government & Healthcare"





We visited the Process Solutions Day 2013 in Frankfurt

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